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"There are few opportunities to directly honor the soldiers who served under General George Washington"

The "Circle of Patriots" offers you that opportunity!
Your donation will ensure the continued success of our organization as we;

Join the "Circle of Patriots" by making your donation today!

All persons who donate will be recongized on our website (see below) and at community events unless you would rather remain anonymous. Use PayPal (click button) to donate or submit our webform and receive a donation packet by mail or send a check or money order to Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot, PO Box 311, Fishkill, NY 12524. Either way, you'll benefit in knowing that your donation is going to help save a piece of our American history!


Circle of Patriots


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Aide to General George Washington - $1000 or more

* Brian & Maebh Sherry,The Sherry's were our largest donors of 2019 and we are eternally grateful for their support throughout the years   Dr. John C. Groen,   * Judith & Russell SmithJudith & Russell made 2 separate donations of $500 during 2019! Thank you so much for support  


Continental Officer - $500

Christopher Buck & Dr. Hara Schwartz,   SAR (Empire State)


Continental Soldier- $250

Gloria Ashworth,   John & Rosemary Beakes,   * Julia & Eric Diddell,Julia is President of the "Friends of Griffins Tavern" and is a big supporter of the FOFSD   Carolyn Lutz,   Keith Reilly  


Rev War Patriot - $100

Jeffery & John Canning,   William & Brenda McEwing,   Lourdes & Chi Mo,   Alan Thomas,   Peter Wiley & Valerie Barth,   Michael Scalzo,   Dave & Ludelia Palmer,   Cleone Groen,   Marilyn & Candance Coates,   Stella Bailey,   Robert Hedgeman,   Roy & Rita Jorgensen,   Frederick & Anne Osborn,   Ronald Oswald,   Priscilla Partridge,   Robert & Janis Polastre,   James Reynolds,   Mariana Rhoades,   Ann Shershin,   Mellina Weiss,   Judy Wolf,   Henry Zanetti & Kathleen Currid,   Colonial Dames of the 17th Century  


Friend of the Fishkill Supply Depot - $25

Michael Bonislawski,   Joseph Colacino,   Robert Doscher,   Dr. James & Lois Johnson,   Daniel & Elizabeth Case,   James Chaffee,   Happy Hills Alpacas,   Raymond Schlicht,   Ralph Schwartz,   Ed Spaeth,   Heather & Wade Speas,   DAR (Chancellor Livingston Chapter),   John Neillands,   Christopher & Veronica Aquilino,   Sonjia & Paul Bartini,   Leslie Boesen,   Hal Brilliant,   Christine Coates,   Patrick & Elizabeth Griffin,   Robert & Jean Haight,   Arlene Hamm,   Carla Holder,   Joseph & Judy Kollar,   Maryanne LeGrow,   Jonathan Leitner,   Lt. Col. Donald Londahl-Smidt,   Claudio & Jean Marzollo,   James Ricci,   Henry Rodriguez,   Anne Schultz,   Clara & Key Stage,   Jeannette & Blake Sullivan,   Stuart & Shelley Watt,   Rev. Bennett Wethered  


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West Point

The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot are pleased to announce our partnership with, an internet-based networking site linking USMA (United States Military Academy) graduates, their family members and friends. has graciously offered web space for an official FOFSD donation page. Anyone donating through their secure web site will receive an e-mail which confirms their donation and serves as a tax deductible receipt.

MissionFish & eBay GivingWorks

GivingWorks logo Founded in 1999, MissionFish is the partner charity of eBay GivingWorks, which runs auction and shopping websites in 30 countries. Through MissionFish, eBay users are able to donate to registered nonprofit organizations when they buy and sell through the and sites. Now you can donate all or part of earnings while selling on ebay. Follow the link ebay GivingWorks and make a donation today.


"Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of others,
and let your hand give in proportion to your purse"

George Washington

Prayer at Valley Forge
Arnold Friberg's ~ The Prayer at Valley Forge


You may also donate by check or money order made payable to:
"Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot"

Our address is: Friends of the Fishkill Supply Deopt
PO Box 311
Fishkill, NY


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