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Images of the 3rd annual Revolutionary War Weekend
September 15/16, 2012

Jaymes Burr
Marilyn Coats

(L-R) [1] Jim Burr of the FOFSD and 5th NY Regiment awaits his orders. [2] and [3] Banners and markers decorated the grounds of the Van Wyck Homestead. [4] Marilyn Coates, one of the "Founding Members" of the Fishkill Historical Society is dressed for the occasion at the 3rd annual Revolutionary War Weekend.

Cannon fire
Capitol flag
Musket fire

(L-R) [1] Lamb's Artillery began the 3rd annual Revolutionary War Weekend (RWW) with a cannon fire demostration. [2] This special flag was flown over our nations' capitol on July 4th, 2012 and was brought to Fishkill to be presented to our partners the Fishkill Historical Society and then raised at the start of the RWW. [3] The 5th NY Regiment fires muskets in salute to the Fishkill Supply Depot.

Jim Johnson
Wooden muskets
Bell of Arms
Civil war soldier

(L-R) [1] Col. Jim Johnson of the 5th NY Regiment dressed in the original colors of the Continental Army. [2] Wooden muskets were a big hit with the children who attended the event. [3] Used to keep muskets dry and out of the rain, the 5th NY "Bell of Arms" stands tall in the demostration area. [4] A Civil War soldier rests on top of a momument at Wildwood cemetery in Salamanca, NY.

General Clinton
Clay oven

(L-R) [1] Cannonballs adorn the FSD monument on the site of the Van Wyck Homestead, [2] General Clinton of the Continental Army paid a visit, [3] and a new addition to the site is a replica Colonial clay oven. Special thanks to the Burr clan for all their hard work.

Prince Evan
Huckleberry McCool

(L-R) [1] General Clinton rides Beatrice on Sunday, September 16, 2012. [2] Evan showed his Patriot pride by coming dressed for the occasion. [3] Dave Loda rides Huckleberry Finn McCool who loves apples. [4] A young man reads one of the names of the soldiers verified to be buried at the soldiers burial ground. (if you know this person please contact our webmaster. This photo is a candidate for "FOFSD Picture of the Year 2012")

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