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Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot
"Circle of Patriots" Wall of Fame
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Patriots - $25

LeRoy Carlson, Lisa Daley, Sharon Isliker, Heather Sardanopoli, Michael E. Tonry, Zaicek family, Brian Gennis, Anonymous, Joe McDonnell, Mary Ellen V. Balsley, Rita Simms, Tom Brozycki, BarbaraAnn VanSice, Danielle Marie Ashworth, Irene Mele,
Peter F. Magnetto, * Joseph Jr. & Catherine M. Carneya handwritten note along with the donation stated: "Thank you all for your work to help save the graves and the depot. Don't let them be forgotten." Be assured, Mr. Carney, they are not forgotten, Huzzah!,
Michael V. Scalzo, * Mike LanzaCongratulations Mike! You were the 1000th person to "like" our Facebook page. As a gift, we are giving you a complimentary membership in our "Circle of Patriots." Huzzah!, Dennis Conklin

Minutemen - $100

6th Connecticut Regiment, Harold DeLamater, Robert Doscher, Gloria Ashworth, Roy Jorgensen, Red Hook VFW Post 7765, Anonymous1, * Mariana L. RhoadesMariana has made two separate 100 dollar donations! Thank you for your generous support, Huzzah!, Robert Pugliese,  Liz Gilbert,  Lance Ashworth,  Bill Marsch,  J&R Graphics, Inc.,  Rob Ashworth,  Bob & Julie Mirsberger,  Robert Evans,  Judy A. Wolf  & Jim Burr, 
* Stephen TreacyIn honor of my 6th Great Grandfather Abraham Odell and my 7th Great Grandfather Jonathan Odell of Greenburgh, NY. Father and Son who fought in the Revolution and hosted the NY Committee on Safety at Odell Tavern.,  Regina Boscia,  Sandra Gilliland (Owasco Chapter NSDAR - Auburn NY),  Hudson Highlands Land TrustAmerican Legion Post 1758 (James Reynolds - Commander),  Anonymous2,  LeRoy Hogan,  VFW Millbrook Memorial Post 9008,  Stewart B. White

Continental - $250

Thomas J. and Kristin O'Donnell

Aide to General Israel Putnam - $500

Be the first to donate $500! - General Putnam was commander of the historic Fishkill Supply Depot and was also famous for the quote: "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."

Aide to General George Washington - $1000 or more

HYATT house - Fishkill,  Semper Fi Parents of the Hudson Valley

Our deepest thanks to all. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and and moral support needed to continue our mission: Saving America's Last Great Revolutionary War Site. Huzzah!


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