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A message from our President:

"Memorial Day is a solemn day for the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot,
and I ask you to join us in remembering its significance"

Memorial Day

We view Memorial Day as an opportunity to pay tribute to American Revolutionary soldiers who fought for our independence including those who died and were buried in unmarked graves in Fishkill. It is also an opportunity to memorialize and pay tribute to American men and women who have served or are currently serving our country.

While you may not be able to join us on May 26th for our Memorial Day Observance Ceremony at the Fishkill Supply Depot's “soldier cemetery," we offer you this special opportunity to pay your respects.

We encourage you to make a donation to our “soldier cemetery” by using PayPal. Include your memorial or tribute message in the note box provided on the PayPal donation form. Your donation, which is very much appreciated, will be added to a special “Fishkill Burial Ground” fund and used solely to help us protect and preserve the “soldier cemetery.”

To acknowledge your memorial or tribute message, we will add it to a special page on our website (see below). This page will stay active throughout 2014. This is a memorable way to show our commitment to family, friends and neighbors who have or are serving their country. It is also a powerful way for you to directly contribute to the preservation of the “soldier cemetery” and the historic Fishkill Supply Depot.

Every donation helps

Please, let me hear from you today so we can add your message to our memorial page (see below) and announce it at our 2nd annual Memorial Day Observance Ceremony on May 26, 2014.

You have my personal thanks, as well as the thanks of Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. The service men and service women of our country must be remembered!

With my personal thanks,

Lance A. Ashworth

FOFSD President



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